A New Website


Regards, fans of wrecks . We announce with pleasure that we do not call .wordpress .

From now on , we are http://www.worldshipwrecks.com .

Thanks to those who contributed to a like or share the posts .

I hope you like the new design of the website , and you’re welcome .

Thank you to all!!!


One thought on “A New Website

  1. Hello worldshipwrecks.com, I see that I am commenting using my WordPress account! Maybe but shipwreckbells.wordpress is now shipwreckbells.blogspot.com.au as I had some problems with WordPress which is based in Budapest, Hungary. I am happy despite being 81 years old and suffer some ailments that make me struggle to keep up my interest in diving by producing Post Cards of Shipwreck Bells. They now number 100 with only one million more to be done! Short details: I won an Australian Spearfishing Championship in 1962, Owned a dive shop in Sydney for 20 years and have dived over 120 shipwrecks along the New South Wales coastline. I have yet to see worldshipwrecks.com but will look forward of that soon!!!. Yours, johnsumner2011@gmail.com P.S. I do not look at Facebook, etc.

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