Abandoned Cargo Ship at Cheung Chau

Off the north eastern coast of Cheung Chau lies an abandoned cargo ship. The ship crashed onto the island in February after the cargo shifted and caused the ship to take in water. I had to visit this wreak before the ship is lifted and moved out.

The ship wreak strangely clashes well with the picturesque beach and harbour.

The hike from the mountain peak to the cargo ship involves walking through thick brush and windy trails.

The strange thing is that there seems to be someone living on the trail. I, along with other photographers searching for the ship, uncovered this makeshift home. The place seems abandoned now. Looks like the owner didn’t clean up before moving out.

At the end of the trail, you will see the ship. I was shocked to see how big the ship was. It is quite an amazing experience. You can actually hear the boat “groan” as the waves crash onto the exposed hull.

While the boat seems close enough to actually board, there is a coast guard boat guarding the vessel in case anybody actually tries to do it.

When I arrived at the wreak, there were already a lot of photographers already snapping away.

I have seen a lot of cargo ships during my stay in Hong Kong, but I have never seen one wreaked on the beach. I plan on coming back when the salvage crews try to raise the ship from the water!


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