Abandoned Puma Helicopter Wreck Lies in a Forest in Southern England

(All images by Jon Wickenden, reproduced with permission)

Photographed on a rainy November day, the stripped-out hulk of this former Chilean Army SA330L Puma H255 helicopter lies seemingly derelict in woodland. But the abandoned chopper is actually still in use, albeit as ‘set dressing’ on a paintball course near the market town of Horsham in Sussex.

Gutted of all useful components from rotor blades and tail boom to undercarriage, cockpit and internal systems, the gaunt shell of Puma H255-1 certainly offers an air of authenticity to the simulated combat zone. Prior to moving to Horsham the abandoned helicopter was noted at Kemble’s Cotswold Airport in 2004.

More recently, also at Kemble, a photographer spotted the rudder section of wrecked British Airways 777 G-YMMM, which crashed on landing at London’s Heathrow in 2008 inbound from Beijing.


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